back to basics

with multiple setbacks and hardships starting from 2020, we had to make a very important decision regarding the future of the company/brand at the beginning of 2021: it was either we cut our losses and shut the operation down or do everything we possibly can to try and turn things around. after much thought and discussion, we couldn't just willingly give up and quit, so instead, we decided to lock down and go all in. it was going to be a very risky decision, but when pursuing a passion, risk tends to come with the territory.

this situation of almost starting from scratch again gave us a renewed sense of direction and clarity and that's why the new collection is called "back to basics" -  we felt like we went back to the basics in every sense. we refocused our efforts on what we had originally set out to do and that was to create contemporary basics for everyone and craft premium apparel and accessories without the premium price tag.

given the ripple effects of the pandemic and how it was negatively impacting small business owners around the world, we wanted to tap into our local community for production to support businesses in the los angeles area. so from cutting and sewing, printing, embroidering, and packaging, we're proud to say that it was all done by small businesses in la.

in 2017, we first started the brand with the "chapter 213" collection and now years later, here we are making a comeback with mostly everything done in los angeles - it really feels like our journey has come full circle.

creating this collection has been a huge challenge, to say the least, but we're extremely proud of what we have been able to produce. our guiding principle of going back to the basics drove us to do what we do best and we feel what we're offering is the best in design, fit, fabric, and craftsmanship for the price.

with that said, we hope you're excited about this new collection and we'll have more releases coming in the near future.

thank you for your love and support.