A letter from the founder:

Creating a clothing brand was something I dreamed about doing since I was a kid, and I told myself that if I ever did it, it would be based around two things:

  1. It would have to be clothes that I would personally want to wear
  2. It would have to be a brand with a personal message/meaning behind it

The first part is straightforward - I wouldn't want to ever make anything that I wouldn't personally wear, because if I don't think it's good enough for me, why should I expect anyone else to feel differently? So when it comes to design and quality with scrt society, it's guided by that simple rule.

As far as what scrt society means and stands for, it's probably not what you think (it's not associated with the illuminati or exclusivity - it's actually the exact opposite).

People like to throw around the idea to "be yourself", but sometimes that's the hardest thing to do. I've always embraced my individuality, even if it was different from the status quo, and as I started to come across more people who weren't afraid of being themselves, I recognized the sense of empowerment in having that community.

And that's what scrt society is all about: defining your own identity, embracing your individuality, and having a community you belong to. Being "different" might make you an outsider in general society, but being different makes you a part of scrt society.

Whoever you are, you're one of us.

- Ed


scrt society logo

we are your neighbors.
we are your friends.
we are your family.
and we exist to create.
identity through style. style through society.