in today's world, the word "quality" is so often over-exaggerated and under-delivered, especially within apparel. on top of that, if you want "quality", you'll most likely have to pay an arm and a leg for it, and even then, you might be disappointed with what you get.

some of the other brands out there like to say that they're for the people, but make their clothing highly inaccessible to the average person due to the high price tag. for us, we not only aim to create community through our brand's ideology, but by making sure anyone and everyone has access to our clothing. in that sense, our goal is simple: to make quality contemporary basics for everyone at a reasonable price.

that's why we spent so much time sourcing the highest quality fabrics and workmanship for our pieces. when you see and feel our collection, you'll instantly recognize the value we offer with quality, design, attention to detail, and price. also, with every apparel piece in our first collection, you'll get the "ss" medallion. whether you rock the medallion on your key chain, necklace, bracelet, or shoelace, it lets everyone know the community that you're a part of.