geniusbrain x scrt society

not everyone might know this about me, but i was born in korea and immigrated to the united states when i was 2 years old. since then, i haven't had many opportunities to go back to visit, but this past spring, i was finally able to take a trip out to korea for the first time in over 20 years.

the prospect of being able to see and explore my home country for the first time as an adult made me excited and curious to learn more about where i was born and came from. while i started to travel around the country, one of the things that really left a lasting impression on me were the temples and palaces in korea, which were painted with traditional dancheong design. not only are the dancheong colors and designs vibrant and elegant, but it's unique to korean architecture on buildings/places of importance. dancheong also serves to protect the building surfaces and hides the imperfections and crudeness of the materials that it's on - it's art that serves an aesthetic and functional purpose.

having been in america for most of my life, i think i sometimes forgot how important my culture and heritage were and are to my identity - this was that reminder. i wanted to bring a piece of "home" back home, and with the pieces in this capsule collection, the art work is more than just a design; it's a reflection of my identity. and the fact that i get to tie all this in to what i do as a creator now, it really feels like i'm coming full circle with it.

lastly, a dojang is commonly used in korea in place of a written signature, so "genius" was spelled out in korean and paired with the scrt society logo that were used for the final stamps of approval like a dojang.

i really hope you guys are able to appreciate the thought and effort that went into creating this capsule collection and love it as much as the team and i do!

david so