geniusbrain x scrt society 2

for as long as i can remember, anime has always been a big part of my life. as a kid, it started with episodes of dragon ball z on saturday mornings, then before I knew it, i had built a collection of mangas that filled my bookshelf. from there, it pretty much became a part of daily life - whether it was binging episodes of one piece or waiting for naruto fillers to end, i was completely immersed in the world of anime. but the thing is, it wasn’t "cool" back then. you were looked at as a "nerd" or "dweeb" if you were into anime, but that also made the people who were into this niche a lot tighter as a result, since there weren't that many of us. 

obviously, a lot has changed since then and it's been crazy to slowly see anime breaking into mainstream pop culture over the years. today, anime is pretty much universal and i never thought i'd live to see that happen. it's something that i've always wanted to share more with people, but back then, most weren't interested or made fun of it, and now, it's completely normal to be into anime. i think that's dope, because people finally understand what anime is about and the community has grown tremendously as a result. 

and that's what this new gb x ss capsule collection is about: it's a part of me that i've always loved and wanted to share with people and i'm doing that through paying homage to one of my personal favorite series of all time, death note. if you don't know (come on now!), death note is in that goat list of animes and it's easy to see why. not only were the characters and story on point, but the aesthetics were amazing too. so i wanted to take all that and develop pieces around it and we did our damn thing! we were wondering how we were going to follow up the the first gb x ss capsule collection and i really love this next iteration. hope yal are super hyped about it just as i am! love yal and thank you for the support!