geniusbrain x scrt society 3

this gb x ss capsule collection was inspired by my trips to japan and i wanted to create something that reminded me of why i love to travel there.

growing up, traveling just wasn't that important to me. i was a small town kid with small town dreams and traveling anywhere outside of california was something i had zero interest in - i was comfortable in my bubble and that’s where i wanted to stay. well, that all changed after my first visit to japan. having loved the culture, food, fashion, lifestyle, and everything in between from afar, i decided to get out of my comfort zone to finally go see it in real life, and when i got there, it absolutely blew my mind. 

all the things that i fell in love with japan through media, anime, and manga were another level when i got to see and experience it in person. it was so fascinating to witness how different things were in another part of the world, but more importantly, learning about another culture and lifestyle started to help broaden my horizons. one of those things i learned about was the koi fish and it left a lasting impression on me.

it's no mystery that koi are a big part of japanese culture and it's one of the most iconic symbols in it as well. koi were something that i always found beautiful, but i never knew what the significance of it was within japanese culture. during my time in japan, i learned that koi fish were mentioned in many proverbs, but the one in particular that resonated with me the most was "koi no takinobori(鯉の滝登り)", which means a koi’s swim up a waterfall. it's basically referring to the overcoming of obstacles that seem almost impossible. not only that, but the koi in general represent positive qualities like strength, courage, and patience. these were all things that i not only related to, but wanted in my life, so the koi has been something more than just a beautiful fish from that point on in my life. 

my first trip to japan gave me a newfound sense of curiosity that was a huge factor in helping me grow as an individual. since then, not only have i visited other parts of the world, but i love japan so much that i’ve gone back three times. every time i leave, i feel re-energized and inspired to create and do more. so that's why this capsule collection revolves around japan and the koi - it's not only a reminder of why i love japan, but the design represents positivity and overcoming hardships.

i think this is another one for the books as it turned out incredible and i hope it's something you can relate to too!

- david