it seems that every new collection we work on ends up becoming the most difficult one to create and the [re]form collection was definitely no exception. we started development on [re]form back in march of this year and was hoping to release it by mid summer at the latest. that obviously didn't happen, but we took the time needed to make sure the end result was something we were happy with.

the initial idea for the collection came naturally from the progression of things coming out of the pandemic - as life was getting back to form, so was fashion, and we wanted our new collection to reflect that, hence the name [re]form.

of course this didn't mean that we were going to do away with our core lineup of pieces consisting of our tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants, but we also wanted to change it up. we started at the foundation by developing a new fabric and it'll be our first time introducing our seasonless, mid-weight custom fleece. we call it "seasonless" because we feel it has the perfect weight and softness to be worn all year round. from there, we made small tweaks and adjustments to each body to have it look and fit the way we wanted for [re]form.

as we made our way into the design phase, we tinkered with the idea of introducing an alternate logo for part of the new collection, and after a few weeks of brainstorming, we really liked how the cube "ss" logo turned out. now, we had to find the perfect material to complement the cube logo and after much research, we landed on flock, which is a unique, soft and fuzzy material (we loved the way it looked and felt with the cube logo and we know you will too). finally, as we were deciding on the color palette for the core pieces, we simultaneously started experimenting with potassium dyeing. it was a brand new process for us, so there was a bit of a learning curve and this was what ultimately dragged out the production process.

with potassium dye, each garment piece is manually sprayed by hand and depending on how this is done, it can have very different results. if you spray too much, it might just look like a diluted solid color, spray too little, and there might not even be much of a difference from the core color. not to mention, it's unknown how the potassium and garment dye will react with each other and look until it's dyed and washed. in other words, you need to go through the whole process of creating the garment, garment dyeing, potassium dyeing, and washing to see what the piece will ultimately look like. this was an extremely costly, time consuming, and frustrating process of experimenting, but we persevered until we got just the look that we wanted. the end result is a perfect balance of light to dark contrast colors, with each piece uniquely different, since, again, it was done one by one.

while development and experimenting were going on with our core pieces, we were also figuring out new bodies to introduce that really epitomized a contemporary, timeless look and ended up deciding on 4: the knit tees, polos, corduroy shorts, and cropped trousers.

we went through many different fabric options to find the perfect option for each body, and what we ended up with is something special (*chef's kiss*) - it not only looks good, but feels good and we nailed what we were going for with these new bodies. these pieces are staples that every closet should have and you can effortlessly interchange it from casual to semi-formal depending on how you style it.

finally, we rounded out the collection with our hats and are introducing denim hats for the first time. it's something that we've been talking about doing from the very beginning, but we didn't feel like it really belonged with our previous collections. this time, however, the denim hats complements the [re]form pieces nicely, along with our new colorway of two-tone hats.

developing the [re]form collection ended up being a way bigger challenge than we had originally anticipated. by this time of the year, we're usually releasing a second collection, but [re]form will most likely be the lone collection for 2023. although we wish we could've produced more, we learned a lot of things along the way and most importantly, the collection came out amazing.

we truly hope you guys can appreciate the work that went into crafting [re]form. it took a better part of the year to complete, but the end result was definitely worth it. in our effort to always try to step it up with each new release, things can be more difficult and take longer, but we're also learning important lessons along the way. the goal is to continue to grow and leverage everything we learned to try to do it bigger and better moving forward. 

as always, thank you for the continued support and until the next one, much love!