scrt society community.

we chose to pave our own path, explore our own adventures, define our own identity, find our own purpose; and it never had to be boxed into what everyone else thought was the standard. so when it came to clothing, something so integral to aesthetically and visually expressing ourselves, we hated how brands polarized us. it was more about how we needed to have a certain lifestyle to fit the brand, rather than the brand fitting into our own unique lifestyle. creating a countermeasure to this is what gave birth to the ideology behind scrt society. no matter what walk of life you're from, the color of your skin, your profession, how much you make - none of that matters to us. your status in general society gets defined for you, but your status in scrt society is just like anyone else that's a part of our community:

we are your neighbors.
we are your friends.
we are your family.
and we exist to create.
identity through style. style through society.