vintage hues

to follow up the success that we had with our fall/winter collection, back to basics, we wanted to step it up another level for spring/summer, so we spent several months tirelessly crafting vintages hues.

first was coming up with a concept for the collection and we wanted to take some retro influences and combine it with contemporary bodies and designs. in order to do that, we began searching for the perfect fabrics to complement our concept, then once we locked that down, we started developing different types of bodies to see what would best serve as the blank canvases. this was a very time consuming and somewhat frustrating process, because it took us months and many attempts to come up with what we thought were just right for the hoodies, sweaters, shorts and tees.

after deciding what bodies we were going to be working with, we had to figure out a color palette that we felt would capture the essence of the collection name, so we experimented with different color recipes for the garment dyes and eventually came up with the black, slate, sage, taupe, and sand colors that you see. creating this color palette definitely started to inspire the designs, and sticking to our minimalist roots, we kept it simple and clean.

in the end, the result of vintage hues was born out of the love and passion we put into creating it. this collection not only features brand new colorways that we never did before, but also new bodies, designs, fabrics, and fit. 

as for the price, you might notice that there's been slight increases compared to the previous collection and that's because our costs have gone up across the board - from growing business operation needs, raw materials, dyeing, and producing. and with the ongoing supply chain issues and inflation, prices in every industry have been steadily increasing, and unfortunately, that has impacted us as well. even still, we did everything we could to keep our prices very competitive relative to the market, and we can confidently say that some of our competitors with comparable quality are charging $200-$300 for something like a hoodie - ours is priced at $125.

with that said, as we continue to grow and expand, even with rising costs, one thing we'll always work to maintain is offering you premium value when it comes to design, fabric, fit, and craftsmanship.

we're extremely excited and proud of what we were able to develop with vintage hues and we hope you feel the same! definitely feel free to drop us a line or shoot us a message as we love to get feedback from our community.

thank you for your continued support and loyalty - it's something that the scrt society team always appreciates!